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I have NEVER voted for the teaching of CRT in our schools. I supported Act 684, which dealt with all curriculum, regardless of the subject matter. It allowed for any curriculum to be challenged by parents/guardians and then removed by the school board.

If state government had started trying to censor every idea or theory, it would be impossible to name them one by one in the law. Plus, it would then start the precedent that partisan officials can use government power to support their own educational agendas. To me, this was the better policy in the long run and kept the conservative principle of keeping government closest to the people. This is a policy that follows the Republican Party of Arkansas principles #2 and #4 that can be read here.



 I am a faithful believer in the biblical and historical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman.  My opponent's mailer makes the claim I voted against a bill that would have proposed that as a U.S Constitutional amendment, when in fact, I along with several Republican colleagues, voted FOR the bill when it was amended and presented for a vote. 
Throughout my time in the legislature, I have voted consistently for tax reform that made taxes fair across the board.  I do not believe that government should treat segments of our population or businesses differently.  I have voted for several of the largest tax CUTS in Arkansas history.  In fact, according to our state records, the net return to the people of Arkansas for 2022 and the following 3 years will be over $330,000,000 a year. With our tax reforms and balanced budgets, we have been able to return this money to YOUR pocket and not the government coffers.


The last lie that my opponent's campaign has put out is that I voted for a bill that created new protected classes for LGBTQ and cites Act 681 of 2021.  This bill had no such provision in it and the subject matter was stronger penalties for intentional criminal acts against ALL people. This bill provided that a person would have to complete at least 80% of their sentence before being considered for release. This bill was about stronger penalties, nothing else.  You can read it for yourself here.


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