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“You can count on me to always protect
our conservative values, stand up for our

local schools, and promote economic
growth for our region.”

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A lifelong resident of Independence County, James and his wife Macy are products of working-class families. He teaches social studies at Southside High School where he encourages students to understand the importance of our Republic and an open market society. First elected to the State Senate in 2018, James has used his common-sense voice to become a trusted conservative leader at the State Capitol.

A Record of
Effective Conservative Leadership

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Reduced taxes for families, small businesses, and veterans
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Cut government spending and encouraged more financial transparency
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Voted Pro-Life 100% of the time
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Passed legislation to ban critical race theory and other divisive curriculum from public schools
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Protected gun rights and has kept an A rating with the NRA
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Stood up for excelling local schools and expanded scholarship opportunities for all students
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